Screenings / Exhibitions

2015. He Miss Road (2015) - Strange Beauty Film Festival, Durham, NC

          He Miss Road (2015) - Walla Fest, Philadelphia, PA

          He Miss Road (2015) - Egos: Wretched Nobles, Chicago, IL

2018. "29th Annual Photo Show," State of the Art Gallery, Ithaca, NY

         PXL Vision 2000 Found Footage (2015) - PXL This 28, Venice, CA

         Multiple works (2014 - 2018) - Here Comes Everybody, Los Angeles, CA (and travelling)

  1.  Table Top Tools (2014) - Episode 26.2 (7/22/18)



2016. PXL Vision 2000 Found Footage (2015) - "TELL US WHERE: 2016 Senior Show", Handwerker Gallery, Ithaca, NY



2018. Here Comes Everybody - Channel 13 Public Access Sponsor for Ithaca, NY

HERE COMES EVERYBODY is an experimental cable access program originating in Los Angeles and showcasing work by artists located across the globe! Episodes run weekly in Los Angeles, CA Berkeley, CA Portland, OR Seattle, WA Olympia, WA, Waukegan, IL North Liberty, IA and Ithaca, NY.



2017. Rust Belt (2016) - Facets Resident Video (Chicago, IL)



Ithaca Aviation Heritage Foundation Thomas-Morse S-4B "Tommy" Biplane Restoration:

         The Flying Machine Journal #7 - Spring 2018 Cover Photo

         Hemmings Motor News - September 2018