not my home (2017, 6:36, 2 channel installation)

This wasn't my home, then it was, now it isn't.

Just over 20 years ago, my father toured a house in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago with a video camera. He documented and narrated each room to show my mother. They purchased that home, remodeled it, and it soon became ours. In late 2016, my parents separated. Following their separation it was decided that the house would be sold. They repainted the walls, cleaned the house of possessions and furniture and the character of the house was lost. In the midst of cleaning the house, I discovered my father's tape and retraced his steps, documenting each room that he had originally walked through.


At Animal Kingdom (2017, 10:09, digital)

An unfinished documentary about Animal Kingdom, a DIY music venue formerly located in Avondale, Chicago and the Chicago DIY music scene. Footage shot in 2014. Animal Kingdom closed the summer of 2014.