UCTV (2014, 52:48, digital/VHS)

An anthology film, shot digitally and released on a limited run of 200 re-recorded VHS copies left on the doorsteps of unassuming individuals in Illinois, Missouri, New York, Indiana, Ohio, and various parts of Europe. Each VHS copy was left with a note specifying what the film was, how to view it, and instructing each viewer to pass it on to another after their viewing was completed.

One copy of the film, packaged in a Looney Tunes VHS case, was left in the Coast Guard's mail box in Wilmette, IL. Days later, the police arrived at my home to question me concerning the tape and where it was found. The cover of the Looney Tunes case contained an illustration of a bomb, unbeknownst to me, that the Coast Guard believed to be a threat against them. After talking with a connection at the Wilmette police department, I was made aware that the entire department had watched the film, including the credits, and were able to find my name this way.