Past Life (January - June) (2019, 3:25, 16mm color)


An abstract narrative, diary film and travelogue reminiscing on the quotidian. My day to day routines and deviations from it are captured as 6 months pass on the screen in a blur. Musique concrète accompanies the visuals taken from vocal samples of myself as a child and repurposed.

Ruminations on nostalgia, film as material and 16mm as a particularly evocative medium with a long history of home movies and nonprofessional filmmaking. The film acts as a document, archiving time and place, as a way for me to recount where and what I did at this point in my life-a point where I still feel an existential drifting and listlessness. Something to look back at and only make sense of after the fact. The environment and seasons change but my walk to work every day doesn't. The images pass as quickly as my memories, with so much sensory overload that much is lost in translation. Some memories can only be discovered again by sifting through the film frame by frame. Time is ephemeral and every day feels shorter.